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nathan huddleston
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nathan huddleston Holy shit australia keeps turning out epic bands I wish I lived there the scene is epic!!!!!!!! Favorite track: The Contagion Complex.
Reece Dorward
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Reece Dorward I don't have a favourite song, they're all fantastic! Seen them live, best live sound I've heard in a long time. Give these guys a good listen, and if you like slip 'em a few bucks for their efforts! Favorite track: Death Seekers (Feat. Jordan Wright of The Storm Picturesque).
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Debut EP from Of Divinity 'Lifeless'


released August 18, 2014

Drum tracking by Rhys Zacher @ Spinlight Studios

Guitars, Bass and Vocal tracking @ Michael Newton Studios

Mix & Mastered by Aaron Beale @ Parallel Recording & Live Sound

Intro track produced by Hayden Williams @ Afterlife Creative

Design & Album artwork by B. Stecz Designs



all rights reserved


Of Divinity Newcastle, Australia


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Track Name: The Contagion Complex
A gene mutation will be the forefront of our devastation
An unknown virus breeds a lifeless crisis, a grim contagion

Oh god, please deliver us from death
Oh god, what have we done to deserve abandonment?

Behold a toxic wrath which marks mans final chapter

All the great cities have been left in the ashes
In the homes that once held life, there will be nothing to salvage

We all want to die for something
But we have all failed to flourish

When theres no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth
When theres no more room in hell the dead will walk the earth
Will walk the fucking earth

There will be no trace of this era erased
When this new strain of plague will be all that remains

There was no pale horse but hell swiftly followed with them
For sake of my families future we have to leave this prison
I made a vow to leave this city by sundown
But by keeping our head low we've witnessed the first lights glow
Left behind all we have known, survival's a lonely road

Rotting out from the inside we search for answers, we have succumb to a genetic cancer
Left for dead with a will to live, I'll get my family through this
Im losing my grip on reality

All life will come to an end

We all want to die for something
But we have failed to flourish

All life will come to an end (All life will end)

A gene mutation will be the forefront of our devastation
An unknown virus breeds a lifeless crisis, a grim contagion

We have all become enslaved to the walking dead
A new world order, there will be nothing left

How am I meant to tell my family everything will be just fine, when I can't believe my own eyes? (x2)
These horrors that I have seen, have only lead me too believe
At the the hands of this disease, realitys tearing at the seems

This is the end

We all want to die for something
But we have failed to flourish
Track Name: Death Seekers (Feat. Jordan Wright of The Storm Picturesque)
A new beginning of suffering
A change, a constant destruction of us all
We all fight, we dream, we unite as one
This is the end, of the world!
As a new strain of plague will destroy us all

We are the lost and we're searching for answers
Aspirations of a higher purpose, remain dormant just under the surface
Decimate the living, awaken the dead
Decimate the living, awaken the dead!

We will never be free
As we fall victims to this imperfect machine
Refusing to follow the leader
We spread like cancer

Years spent searching have proved to be a means to an end
A defeated self worth is only a consequence
With every day we chase a setting sun
But each night is over before the day has begun

We have all become slaves
Left for dead in societys wake
Stuck in the pursuit of an early grave
Despite the path set in stone
We have lost our way

These are the days that nobody will mourn
Lost children of hope (lost children of hope)
We are the dead and gone

Separated, lost in a trance
We question our existence
Consumed by the world
We've been spat out
But only once lost is when we can truly be found

Aspirations of a higher purpose, remain dormant just under the surface
Refusing to run, we will never hide
You will never take us alive

Lost in the wake of infinite possibility
Our dreams are more than you will ever be!
Lost in the wake of infinite possibility
Our dreams are more than you will ever...BE!
Track Name: An Era Erased
Born to die we are nothing but the victims of a divine judgement
Cursed, we are forever hopeless.
We sleep with one eye open.

Blegh! Children of abandonment.
Fuck! This world has turned it's back on us.

We have journeyed from city to city
No signs of life, there will be no forgiving.
The ghosts of a thousand families is a burden to strong for any many to carry,
let alone with a heart so heavy.

Will this ever end or will we all just wake up dead?
The hourglass is running near empty and I've got nothing left.
If these streets could talk it's voice would haunt us
How can a life be taken for granted when it's so easy to end it?

If these streets could talk it's voice would fucking haunt us

Turn the clocks back to forget we brought this upon ourselves.
We cannot live forever, we created our own hell.
Witnessing the dawn of the darkest days of man.
We were born alone in a world so cold, everyone dies in the end.

Decimated by a genetic virus. my family is all I've got.
The world has become a mass grave and we've been left here to rot

Winding our way through an abandoned urban maze
These ruined city streets will become our graves
No one will ever know the hell we've been put through
Tracing stars in the skies at night
There's no signs of life

Until the breaking of dawn we walked alone. In the lack of salvation we have grown cold.
No guiding lights to lead us home and with the absence of hope.
We walk alone.

It cannot be that we are all that's left of humanity.

Swallowed by a sea of death I can't believe my eyes.
Outnumbered by the walking dead, we're not the only ones alive.

Track Name: Wasteland
Left behind to wait as the storm sets in
A desolate reverie, a means to an end

We were overrun, the dead is now on the inside
Reduced to ruin, by a lifeless genocide
The instinct to fight or flee divides humanity in the face of defeat

We will see how true safety in numbers can really be
We've lost quarantine
The stronghold we built now lays at our feet

We've got no where to run

Safety is a vicious cycle
The conservation of life when death is viral

We've been trying to run but we cannot hide from dead eyes
It feels like we're being stalked by death
The search for safety is a war that never ends
Lost family but found desperate screams
Left behind as the storm sets in

And I swore that I'd protect you
But there was nothing I could do

We were overwhelmed by the chaos of the world
We found shelter and hope with the last of us all

Though the contagion had spread like the cracks in our walls
I had swore id protect you but i have fallen short

Corrupted, we have become the victims
We are the martyrs of the exposable existence

I began to lose the sight of my son and my wife
Within the ambush had come a desperate scramble for life

Void of blessing
I will reap suffering

An uncalculated series of events brings forth a prophetic pestilence

Like a thin beacon of hope that had come all too late
We had been running from the arms of death but we could never out run our fate
Track Name: Burial Grounds
Death please take my hand and promise to never let it go again
For I've seen the waste lands in the eyes of man
Consequences of baring witness to the birth and destruction of a once great innocence
They can't take you away from me
and it cant be this way
but my hands are tied and time is slowly slipping away

God how could you do this to me
give me the choice to burn or watch my family bleed
it makes me sick to think that every option leads to suffering
and i swore to you that i would never let you down
but my promise was as fragile as the safety that we found
castle walls built on broken grounds

If home is where the heart is
would there be a pulse among the ruins
I risked it all for your chance to dream
a broken family in a city cemetery

Do I bare the weight of the dead and gone
or sever the ties and just simply move on

they cant take you from me

the worlds pushing down on my chest
I've brought life into this world and i'll lay it to rest

slowly as the air goes thick the light in my child's eyes begin to vanish
was there anything more i could have done
to stop my wife from breathing blood

i will not witness their rebirth in death
i would rather die a thousand times than see them become this

there was no farewells, there was no goodbyes, i murdered them all

as i watch the light leave from your eyes for the second time tonight
there was no farewells, i never got to say goodbye, there were no goodbyes
there were no farewells, there were no goodbyes
Track Name: Lifeless (Feat. Julian Frank of Heiress)
My heart is a deadweight that i cat stop from sinking
A broken man with a conscience thats withering
How am i meant to shut out these voices when theyre all coming from within
Ive tried to confide in silence but this guilt is deafening

How do i deal with a loss so profound?
When the place we called home is now a burial ground.

My eyes will never see another sunrise
I wont let this get to me,
Youll never take me alive (You'll never take me alive)

I never fully understood how heavy the weight of the world is
until i had to carry it on my fucking shoulders

Oh I can the dead in the depths of hell
you were trapped in this moment so blame yourself
I am your past, present and furture fear
your demise is the only way back from here

It feels like a thousand days have slowly slipped me by,
since ive felt your presence right by my side or the innocence in your eyes
And what i wouldnt give to stop replaying my actions over and over again inside my head.
Justifing my means to an end.

(What do i have to live for when everything i love is dead and gone?
I cant keep going on without you, i pray tomorrow will never come) x2

I cant keep going on without you
Everything i loved is dead and gone

'this cannot be forever'

This guilt has formed a fucking noose around my neck
This is not a last resort, this is a consequence

My eyes will never see another sunrise
I wont let this get to me,
You'll never take me alive